My Favourite Romantic Movies From This Year

Here is a list of my favourite romantic movies from this year that are really entertaining and remind us that true love is the essence of our lives and one should never allow anything come between you and your true love.

Everybody Loves Somebody:

Clara (Karla Souza) is a successful gynecologist and physician, who also advises the couples on the matter of maintaining happiness in life. The main twist in the movie is that she herself fails to sustain her own romantic life. She has to travel from Mexico (her hometown) and the US (her workplace). She asks her colleague to act as her boyfriend at a family wedding in her hometown. There is immense comedy in between the scenes that makes this entry a must watch.

The Big Sick:

Kumail Nanjiani is a standup comedian whose parents want him to have an arranged marriage with a Pakistani woman but he is not interested. His one-night stand with Emily (Zoe Kazan) develops in a romantic relationship. A mixture of comedy, romance and tragedy and twists the film ends with a happy note. The cinematography and screenplay are awesome that make this film a worth watch.

The Lovers:

The movie rolls on a notion “It happens.” Matrimony turns into disdain that morphs into extramarital affairs. This leads to a rekindled romance for which how the couple cheats on each other is the theme of the story. Debra Winger and Tracy Letts are the cheating couple in the film directed by Azazel Jacobs who make the entry phenomenally scored movie.

The Wedding Plan:

Michal is planning her marriage as she is in her early 30’s. Even after a number of attempts the things do not settle according to her. She approaches a fortune-teller and asks to help her in having a memorable marriage. A combination of twists and comedy the movie takes an end with Michal’s marriage with Shimi who was the son of the fortune-teller and owner of a wedding-hall.

The Little Hours:

It is the story of three nuns living in a convent led by Father Tommasso in the middle ages. One of the nuns Alessandra, wants a better life and the other was violent and emotionally disturbed woman. After some turmoil in the convent Fernanda takes the Father at knife point and escapes in the forest. This tale of a mute and deaf man hiding his secret in the convent who is finally exposed before the church and all the three nuns are sent to become monks again.

Their Finest:

The film sets on the backdrop of the World War of 1940’s.  A pair of scriptwriters falls in love with each other while making a propaganda film on Dunkirk. It is not a war movie but the emotional appeal is very high in the movie. The sequences are worth appreciation. It appears like a movie is running on the backdrop of a movie which is simply charming and must-see.

Everything, Everything:

A nice movie based on Black-White romance, is a worth-watch movie. Maddy, a smart and curious 18-year-old girl falls in love with Olly, a boy next door. Maddy lives in a hermetically protected environment because of an illness but that could not stop them from being together.


Robin Cavendish has been paralyzed from the neck down by polio and has only three months to live his life. He becomes a pioneering advocate for the disabled and with his devoted wife Diana travels the world with a hope to transform the lived of the people like him. A sincerely inspiring and worth watch entry of 2017.

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