About Me


“Film Brain” is a personal female blog that aims at presenting details of the current and up-to-date information about the latest movie releases, T.V shows, and publications. This website contains blogs and articles related to the likes and dislikes about the upcoming movies,

T.V series and other entries of the world of entertainment. Since this website is being a female blogging platform, so there is an attempt to emphasize more on the feminist perspectives and revolves around the notable and remarkable work of females in the cinema and television industries.

My Feminist Objectives

Being a woman I would try to make comments on the tremendous and phenomenal jobs done by various actresses of the Hollywood that are often surpassed by a common and conservative way of viewing the cinema. All major personalities have won Oscars and many other respectable awards but the media seems to be biased and always creates a hype about the male actors. My aim is to honestly review the films and the contributions of women in the previous and upcoming entries so that the female readers of my blog could feel proud of being a woman.

Writing Blog As Passion
Writing Blog As Passion

The articles and blogs will contain sufficient information within the premises and there will be additional links for research that is a nice opportunity to explore the world of cinema and entertainment. This industry has a stereotype that in most of the movies the male casts are the backbone of the project but I am intended to break this perception as I have collected information about the female figures who have contributed to the cinema in various fields such as direction, music, production, screenplay, cinematography, scrip-writing and acting as well. All these facts, I will publish in the form of articles and personal blogs that will make in informed about notable contributions of the beautiful leading ladies.

My Dedication For Work

Dedication To My Work
Dedication To My Work

Women are now proving their presence in every field. Unlike the businesses and other professions women in the entertainment have made their presence remarkable but the value and appreciation that they deserve are still missing the lines.  In the article categorized under, List of female actors, and film-makers I would find myself worthy, if I succeed to change the perception of the world to respect the work of the female artists. Art and skills do not depend on gender and it is the responsibility of the viewers and critics to mention the work done by females and their remarkable performance since the industry has come into existence. I would attempt to give the ladies utmost exposure and will research every tiny detail of their contribution. I welcome the readers for giving me their valuable suggestion about the same and I will try to take all the requests made by my blog readers so that this platform becomes one of the biggest entertainment clubs on the internet. As Hollywood is a huge family where actors hailing from various countries work and entertain the audience from all over the world, so I feel responsible as a female to ensure the people from other countries to become well-informed and more and more women could be encouraged to work as they want to do. My attempt will be breaking the boundaries for women in the entertainment industry and motivate them to join the race with full vigour and courage.

Film Brain: A Virtual Film Society

Through “Film Brain” I have tried to create a single virtual society on the internet so that the cinema viewers could join together to discuss various subjects related to the feminist world, especially the film and entertainment industry. I would request my readers to read my blogs, articles film reviews on a regular basis and put their comments for sure so that the others can get well-informed through this common platform.

Since the articles proposed to be published here will be subjective to the point of view of females and there will be the personal rants, opinions on the movies, television series, and the entertainment shows.

My attempt will be based on justice to the female personalities, but that does not mean, I will not appreciate the work done by the men in the cinema.