Things I Love About The Movie ‘What Happened To Monday’

“What Happened To Monday” is a production that feels like a great example of writing based on instinct and a decent idea. Tommy Wirkola’s new sci-fi film debuts on Netflix. The Director is intended to be fair to the subject matter of the movie and links between climate change, population growth and the catastrophe of potential famine are reduced to background plot.


The Creation Of The Movie

The film’s background is well-presented in a clear fashion and a voiceover narration has been used. The film has tried to foresee the problems that are expected to arise during the middle of the 21st century such as food production would not be sufficient enough to satisfy the burgeoning population. The film has also tried to provide solutions to the arising problems such as a policy of one child has been enacted and siblings have been outlawed. The violators of this law need to handover the additional child to the government for cryogenic freezing. This program has been proposed by an aspiring scientist, Dr. Nicolette Cayman (Glenn Close) who has political ambitions.

Main Cast – Noomi Rapace

Trapped by this law, Karen Settman’s seven daughters were named by their father after seven days of the week who raises them to imitate a single person so that he could avoid their detection. Monday and her sisters (all played by Noomi Repace) live in an apartment where they all use collaborative identity for which they have makeup and wigs to look identical. This story begins around 2078 and all of them have a fixed day to go outside and others remain at home.

The early scenes of the movie are intriguing as the relationship among the sisters seems to be strained. Thursday is the most rebellious among the sisters and wants her freedom unconditionally and she does not want to compromise with her rights. All they need is a synchronization using a diary-cam.

In a flashback scene, Thursday gets injured in a skateboarding adventure and loses the tip of one of her fingers.

A Comeback From Injury

After her return and getting medical attention, their father explains that they all should look exactly the same for their safety. He then injects a pain-killer and then cuts her finger with a sterilized meat-cleaver in the same pattern as Thursday has. The act of cutting finger has not been shown but the implication itself is very disturbing.

What Really Happen On Monday?

Undoubtedly the film turns into an action thriller when the government begins a hunt for the sisters to expose Cayman being a dangerous fanatic who goes beyond the government’s law and has planned such conspiracy that could provoke others to do the same.

The most attractive part of the movie is that Noomi Repace has done a phenomenal job when it comes to differentiating among Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All the sisters are given a unique look ranging from short hair to blonde and nerdy to simple.

Rated As Most Conventional Film?

This is one among the most conventional films which has maintained sufficient energy and has succeeded to keep boredom at bay. Apart from criticism, this movie is at least a one- time watch entry that portrays the love sustaining within a family and how a father attempts to save his daughters from being trapped by the government’s dictatorial law. Though its plot seems very superficial yet this cannot be denied that the situation shown in the movie will never be experienced as the problems like growing population are really at an alarming stage that could definitely create some severe issues like those shown in the movie. The Woman Protagonist  always inspired us a lot and the actors have played their character brilliantly.

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