My Expectation From The Game Of Thrones Finale

Every Game of Thrones fan will tell you that from the first episode, all the way to the last, has been a thrilling and completely unexpected journey.

It’s a controversial series that is based on the sequel of books written by George R. R martin, a song of ice and fire.

The previous season went off the book’s storyline but reeled it back in when they brought in a few flack backs. We have no clue as to what the next season has to offer us but we can try figuring it out through the book’s story.


Cersei caused the death of her last surviving son, Tommen Baratheon. It is clear to see that Cersei would do anything to get what she wants. Jaime and Cersei seem not to be as in love as they were before. As they stand over their son’s body, tension builds through their eyes and it opens up another story line that is set in the book.

When she was younger, Cersei went to a seer who told her that she would lose all her children and that she’d die by the hand of her smaller brother. Throughout the seasons, we were sure that Tyrion would be the one to kill her but now as the plot develops, any of the two stand as a threat to her. We expect to see this develop more in the next season.


The queen of the dragons is determined to claim her seat at the throne. With the Dothrak and her three dragons by her side, it isn’t hard to get allies to back her up. Queen Cersei has made enemies of all the people around her so it didn’t come as a surprise when the Khaleesi got allies to fight for her cause.

Tyrian Lannister found his way to the queen and his wise ways has gotten him the position of hand of the queen. With the vengeance that he seeks to claim from his sister to the inside knowledge he has of the house Lannister, there is none better equipped for this position than he is. We hope for a very interesting season ahead.


The house Stark also has accrued expectations from G.O.T fans. First of all, after killing Frey, she will need to go into hiding. Even though Frey was a vile person who wouldn’t be missed, his sons will still seek vengeance for the sake of pride. We tend to wonder what is next for the young assassin. Some speculate that she becomes Lady Stoneheart who leads the Brotherhood without banners.

Sansa is also another character that seems to be a mystery. We are not sure if she will betray her brother, Jon because they never saw eye to eye in the first season.

The King Of The North

After the battle of the bastards was won, Jon Snow, the leader of the army was named the king of the north. He has learned of the eminent danger that the night king and his army of the dead are. We expect to see him rallying up more armies to join him in the fight against the white walkers. He hopes to get enough men to hold the wall when the fight begins.

It has also been revealed that Jon Snow is not a bastard but is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. This hasn’t been revealed to him but is sure will affect him greatly in the coming season.

And After The Series Ends… GirlCum!

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All on all, the season finale of Game of Thrones cannot fully be predictable because that’s what we love about it. Expect sudden deaths of what may seem as crucial characters in the film.

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