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17 January 2005



"Jean-Luc Godard's silent, anguished expression after being asked, "Can the new digital cameras save cinema?", in Notre Musique."

This is interesting; I didn't take it as a look of anguish -- he seemed more at a loss for words.

What's really interesting -- and I wish I could remember the link -- is something I read online which listed quotes from different reviews of the film, all concerning that particular scene. Each one described Godard's reaction differently. It's a brilliant moment in that it allows you to completely transpose your own feelings onto it, while Godard (I think) remains indifferent in his reaction (and he suggest as much in the recent interview in the Boston Globe).


Interesting. Though I can't imagine JLG being indifferent about anything.


Or at a loss for words.


Certainly he's far from indifferent, but I believe for that scene he maintained a blank slate.

Here's a quote from the interview I mentioned:

: In the film, you're asked if "the new little digital cameras" are the future of cinema. You ignore the question.
A: No, because I have no answer.

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