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16 January 2005



Cynical or not, Finding Neverland isn't an eighth of the film E.T. is. Count me in with those surprised by its status as a contender on any major level.


I don't like E.T., but I really don't like Finding Neverland, with the exception of Depp's performance, which is wasted, wasted, wasted on this film.

What's more, the stupid thing got me in trouble with my best friend's mother, who saw it with the two of us: when the lights came up, she was crying, and when I sat there, stone cold, she told me that I clearly have no heart.


Obviously you don't, if you don't like E.T.!


Maybe I liked Finding Neverland as much as I did because I watched it through the prism of having seen Monsters Ball, which I absolutely hated, and I just thought Marc Forster was much more restrained (believe-it-or-not) in his direction. Yeah, it was a sappy tearjerker that was full of obvious moments, but Depp was magnificent and so were Winslet and Freddie Highmore. I was somewhat appalled at its National Board of Review win, but I thought it was a nice movie, and I enjoyed it. But then, I loved E.T. too, and I consider myself heartless, so Matt I have no idea what you must be.



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