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You have managed to put into words the thoughts which have been rumbling around my own mind over the past few months, though I've never been able to externalize them as well as you have. As you point out, this is especially true about the "alternative distribution" panels at festivals.
This is a wonderful post that echoes many of my own sentiments.

That Fuzzy Bastarrd

Good luck in Berlin---I just visited, and god, what a great city! And their economy seems to be doing a bit better than ours. Plus it's a thrill to be in a city that actively *wants* to support the arts. Do you already have paying work lined up, or are you just hoping for the best?


Fuzzy --

Economy here isn't really all that great, however the difference to NYC is that one can do quite well here with very little.

Yes, there is tremendous amount of support for the arts, however, while that funds projects, places, events, etc., there's little money left over for salaries.

In terms of work -- I've been offered some great opportunities, especially around programming and curation, as well as some writing, but alas, not for much money.

Still -- the energy here is amazing, and the film scene is thriving. That's good news.


oh andrew i feel the same way. the city sucks the root now. it's so destroyed, heartbreakingly destroyed. you should write just so i know it's possible to exist outside this succubus.


Andrew, best of luck in Berlin. I hope you had a safe trip/

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Kayalık ve Pier hakkında ben ikinci yorum. Anonim yorum edepsizlik bir saçmalık, korkakça eylemlerdir. Birini eleştirmek için gidiyoruz, kim olduğunuzu itiraf topları var egvyw

Betty Bonsai

How is Germany treating you. I hope you are relaxed and enjoying your surroundings.

Bruce Reznick

Any updates? I still have you bookmarked. -- Bruce

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Bon Voyage, Mr. Filmbrain! And good luck with everything! A request: festival dispatches are the best thing that we film bloggers do, in my opinion, so please do file some, however brief.


It's not surprising that both of dickhead comments are anonymous.

I just want to say I very much appreciate that Benten was willing to take a chance on small movies that might have otherwise never found a proper dvd release (certainly not one with such handsome packaging). Obviously important to me personally, but also in the larger sense.

So thank you and safe travels, Andrew. Best of luck with your life in Germany and everything that is forthcoming.


I hope to see you continue - I just now discovered your blog... I hope the change indeed helps you find your feet again.

Good luck!

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