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Kenji Fujishima

I wish you best of luck with your new endeavor, Mr. Grant. I sincerely hope that dwindling passion for film is rekindled with the change in scenery. The film blogosphere, at the very least, needs your voice to be as strong as ever.


Bon Voyage, Mr. Filmbrain! And good luck with everything! A request: festival dispatches are the best thing that we film bloggers do, in my opinion, so please do file some, however brief.

James McNally

Andrew, I know we've only met in person once (twice?), and corresponded rarely, but I recognized a kindred spirit the first time I read your blog. I sincerely hope that your move will open up a brand new phase in your life, whether it means rekindling your love for films or something completely different. Godspeed and I look forward to reading your dispatches from Europa.

debbie coutavas

hmmmm....berlin. a wise choice given the urban blood that pulses in your nyc veins. you'll fit right in.
or not.
no worries, you can move back if necessary - lady liberty's arms are always open. of course by then the cost of living around here will have exceeded the GNP of at least 16 African nations.

happily, your move seems tailor-made for my use of this obscure (maybe not with you) movie quote:

viel glück!

ryan werner

andrew grant - safe travels and enjoy your new home. hope to see you in february and back in nyc.

all the best,
ryan werner


I've said it before, but, y'know, always happy to say it again. America's loss is Europe's gain. See you soon, I hope.

J. Sperling Reich

I truly appreciate your comments about the discussion around distribution and how many (if not most) are focusing on newfangled ways to deliver a film instead of the content itself.

You have managed to put into words the thoughts which have been rumbling around my own mind over the past few months, though I've never been able to externalize them as well as you have. As you point out, this is especially true about the "alternative distribution" panels at festivals.

Good luck in Berlin.


Andrew, I wish you the best of luck and look forward to following your journey online.

Though we only met once (and I was admittedly exhausted from a week of travel and a morning of subway drama), you were kind, thoughtful and made great film conversation (which isn't always easy to come by).

If you're ever back in the states, and stop by the Pacific Northwest, I'd love to get another cup of coffee.

Mike Hinske

I don't want to burst anyones bubble, but if Berlin really is filled with the sort of vapid, attention-craving people described in the brilliant "Ich werde ein Berliner" blog (http://www.ichwerdeeinberliner.com/), I would think twice about moving there. After all, it barely has 4 million people, so it might feel a bit like a monoculture of forced coolness. There is no, and will never be a, chance for it to be the "new New York". Contrary to what people who don't know much tell you.

Anyway, I wish you luck and hope that you will only use Berlin as a base to explore the truly inspiring cities of Europe, such as London, Barcelona, or even still, Paris.

Unfortunately, Berlin is only a hype that seems hard to see through from across the pond.

Mike (from Berlin)


It's a tough time. My brother, the director of "Staccatto Purr of the Exhaust" (never properly distributed) seems to have given up film. The dvd project has stalled in the UCLA lab because he won't work on it anymore.

Pier Preshur

Good riddance. You dissed my writing and opinions a few years ago...

"critics have been spending way too much time bashing other critics' opinions"


Go fuck yourself.


Hey Pier (is that you Eric?) --

Never claimed I wasn't guilty of getting sucked in to the fray.

And a pleasant Friday to you as well.

Paul Doherty

Andrew: Best of luck in Berlin. You have opened my eyes to many new films on this blog, I will keep checking in.

Rocky Rhodes

Am I the only one alarmed by the level of self-pity and the utter lack of any personal accountability in this post? Everyone lets Andrew down --the economy, the film industry, the people who hire critics, even New York. Nothing in filbrain's fault. He has failed at nothing; everything has failed him.

He whines about about not wanting a soul-killing job just to pay the bills, but seems unwilling to put in the hard work or take the risk involved in pursuing something more.

An intervention is needed, here, Andrew. You need to grow the f up.


Rocky --

It's amusing that you talk about accountability while hiding behind a fake name, but I'll play along nonetheless.

I took a tremendous risk starting my own business, particularly a film and DVD distribution company, at a time when sales were already on the downturn. I have no regrets whatsoever, nor am I whining about the fact that Benten hasn't netted me my first million yet.

It's hardly shocking to anybody who lives in NYC to say that it's a struggle to survive. And I'm certainly not the only born-and-raised New Yorker to complain about how the city has changed for the worse in the past several decades.

If I have an opportunity to live cheaper, yet with a higher standard of living, why wouldn't I give it a shot?

Yes, I grew tired of the celebration of mediocrity, and the endless games that far too many played (and continue to play). I chose to leave.

Now I have to begin anew, in a country I don't really know all that well. To my thinking, that's a far greater risk than leaving anonymous comments on a blog.



It's not surprising that both of dickhead comments are anonymous.

I just want to say I very much appreciate that Benten was willing to take a chance on small movies that might have otherwise never found a proper dvd release (certainly not one with such handsome packaging). Obviously important to me personally, but also in the larger sense.

So thank you and safe travels, Andrew. Best of luck with your life in Germany and everything that is forthcoming.

Bob Turnbull

Best of luck Andrew...As a long-time reader (yours was one of the first blogs on film that I began to follow), I look forward to reading further dispatches - preferably about your renewed passion towards film, but as long you find something that stirs you, I'll likely continue reading.


Andrew, this is a wonderful post that echoes many of my own sentiments. As for your detractors, they seem to be highly engaged readers, so you win out there. Good luck in Germany. If moving is the answer, I may rethink my own location. Good luck!



Congratulations on the move and I'm looking forward to seeing you in February! I did something similar (but far less of a move) by moving to the Eastern end of Long Island. Berlin was under consideration!

I second the comments about Rocky and Pier. Anonymous comments are bullshit, cowardly acts of rudeness. If you're going to criticize someone, have the balls to admit who you are!


Mark Rabinowitz (See? My real name.)

The Greater Meaning of Water

Hey Andrew Grant, I wish you have great travel and you will enjoy lot in your new home..best of luck..

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