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Aaron Hillis


wretched linda

You know that by having a Cat Stevens song you are only empowering the terrorists.

Just kiddin'. Thanks for the compilation. Some great tunes.

Julia J

Andrew ~

Magst du noch Grönemeyer??? Du sollst sich schämen!

Na ja....Wir alle haben heimliches Vergnügen!


Ist dass Julia aus Hamburg? Nach so vielen Jahren?

I'll admit to liking Gronemeyer a bit. I mean, I don't listen to him regularly, but I appreciate his work.

David Lowery

Ah, nice to see Baby Dee getting more soundtrack love...


And the big find, from Lewis Klahr's Wednesday Morning 2am, the Shangri-Las' I'll Never Learn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5mlskveIeg


This is great! Thanks for sharing it. I missed the fest completely this year...just watching from afar and hoping some of the more wacky films get released in NYC or DVD/VOD at some point!


FB, welcome back, I thought the "Fin" was the FIN.


Humpin' Around wasn't the theme song for Trash Humpers?


Filmbrain, what did you think of the film "My Tears are Dry"?

The Siren

"Chaos reigns" -- TOO funny. She is more believable than the fox, I suspect.

Welcome back. You have been sorely missed. So glad Benten is percolating.


No genuflection in the direction of "Precious"? Shocking, sir.


hey you. i look just like that picture these days. yeah baby. sylvia miles and miles and miles of bad road. LET'S HAVE LUNCH!

xin xi

nice info, great share

Dennis Cozzalio

For the Sylvia Miles shot alone, thank you!

Full Mediafire

I'll admit to liking Gronemeyer a bit. I mean, I don't listen to him regularly, but I appreciate his work.

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