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I came across the detail about Michelle and Barack Obama seeing DTRT on their first date and thought it was great. I missed DTRT when it was in theaters, thanks mostly to youthful suburban isolation, but it's a film I love to teach in my Intro to Film classes.


You saw DTRT in London? I didn't know that. Did you go to the huge Odeon Leicester Square? Perhaps we were at the same screening. I think that's one of my all-time great screening experiences. I remember all the hoopla in the British press (though didn't critics predict riots here too?) and just being blown away by the film. I feel like I experienced a New York summer before I ever really experienced one. And no other film has ever caught it as perfectly.


I saw it at that very theater, yes! I'm pretty sure it was on the opening night as well.

The conversation at the pub afterward was quite shocking. Though we share a common language, the cultural divide is massive.

I remember being the only one laughing out loud during certain scenes. ("D, motherfucker, D!")

In my opinion, this film, and Dog Day Afternoon are tied for best summer in the city movies.


>>I remember being the only one laughing out loud during certain scenes.

So that was YOU?!


Filmbrain: Being British myself and a huge fan of the film, though a touch too young to remember the reception on its initial release, I'm curious to hear what exactly was the difference between your opinion and those with you in the pub afterwards. Is it possible to give us an idea?


I honestly have no idea what this "too easy" screen cap belongs to. However, it certainly does look interesting. Anyway...

I am making the rounds to remind everyone about the "Reading the Movies" exercise. I'm going to compile everyone's lists into one master list in a week or two, so jump in! The original post can be found here:


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