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Noel Vera

Another one that made a few waves in Cannes is Brillante Mendoza's Kinatay. Lacking von Trier's rep or defenders, though, he got more scorn than praise.

I think Ebert went so far as to call his film the worst ever in a Cannes competition. Whatever; not a big fan of Ebert, and I don't like everything Mendoza's done. Would very much like to see this latest.


Ebert called one of those two "the most despairing" film he'd ever seen. As a programmer for the Asian Film Festival of Dallas, I was sorry to hear that any one of the many Asian films on call at Cannes was so roundly slammed. But it does sound like a pretty grim trip.

I'd sell my mother to get a reply from the distributors of To's Vengeance...

Andrew, why no trip to Cannes?


We thought about it, but realized there's not that much more at the market than there was is Berlin. Plus, we're planning a handful of future projects right now, so there was no pressing need (other than my desire to see some potentially great films) to go.

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