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"Bertolucci lacks both the puckishness and gravitas of his French counterpart." Well-put, though I'd revise it to "Bertolucci trying to be Godard lacks..." Partner - and perhaps The Spider Strategem (what did you think of that one?) - are probably the high-water mark of his trying-to-be-Godard phase. His earlier work, I think, bares healthy portions of Pasolini and maybe even Truffaut (as well as inclinations of his own incipient originality) in addition to Godard, and his later work is of course, all Bertolucci.

Among other things, I was dismayed that Partner contained so little of Stefania!

Peter Nellhaus

Partner was the first Bertolucci film I saw, and one I've viewed twice theatrically. What always stayed with me was Clementi's dance with his shadow.


fantastic! thanks for this.


don't forget his segment from "love and anger." amazing.




Wow great scene, instant classic! But really looks a bit like a kitschy advertisement for some new laundry machine :-)

Peter Boom

Well, I remember very well that evening at the International Recording in Rome. I sang the soundtrack of Run man run (Corri uomo corri) "Espanto en el corazon" with my strong bassvoice (it seemed nearly opera) on the music of Maestro Bruno Nicolai conducted by Morricone and also the song Splash for Bertolucci's film Partner on the music of Maestro Ennio Morricone conducted by Nicolai. For this song Morricone asked me to change my voice (a little bit like The Rokes). He knew I was very good in changing my voice because he heard some of my imitations of other singers I had sung for a Neapolitan producer.
Peter Boom.

Frank P

Superb scene - haven't seen this for a while so worth me seeing.

Danny DeMichele Entrepreneur

Well that's true,It's a spoof of crass commercialism, specifically in the marketing of laundry detergent. Clémenti and the gorgeous Tina Aumont are a loving couple driven..Thanks

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