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Keith Uhlich

light years better than the dour I'm Not There.

Damn straight. So to speak.

Tom Russell

I've never been a Haynes fan for reasons I still can't quite put my finger on. But I do agree that "Velvet Goldmine" is light years beyond "I'm Not There" which I actually couldn't get more than half-way through before I fell asleep.

I didn't mind all the different actors playing the same part-- I actually thought it worked much better here than it did in Solondz's "Palindromes"-- but there was something about "Not There" that really stuck in my craw. Maybe it was the irritating little tic of "disguising" Dylan by giving him psuedonyms. Maybe it was the fact that so many of the actors (Blanchett included) didn't seem to be giving performances or creating characters so much as they were simply doing impersonations of Dylan that weren't much better than John C. Reilly's in the Dylan-esque section of "Walk Hard". And maybe it was that the film made about as much sense as your average Dylan lyrics. I dunno.

I did like Julianne Moore as Joan Baez, though.

Joe Bowman

It's strange that only now do I find others that didn't care for I'm Not There. Everyone I know loved it when it came out... and yes Velvet Goldmine is much better, particularly considering that the Bale segment of I'm Not There pretty much WAS Goldmine, minus the glitter. Safe will probably always be my favorite Haynes film.


i'm gonna have to go with Far From Heaven.

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