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holy crap Tony Manero is undistributed? WTF???


"...I find the undistributed lists far more interesting (and useful) than the standard ones...."

Absolutely true, except, at least for me, they're also maddening. In all likelihood, I'll have the opportunity to watch very few of those films, and that just kills me!


Great list Andrew. Whatever happened about Benten trying for the Kinski doc? I know people who'd kill to see that.


I'm with you on SPARROW, NIGHT AND DAY and (especially) UNITED RED ARMY. Didn't IFC Films acquire THE CHASER? I've been told that they plan to release it straight-to-DVD/VOD, but you can already find bootlegs of it in a certain East Village adult video store.

Lady Wakasa

Aw, man - I got tickets to NIGHT AND DAY at PIFF and had to leave half an hour early because the next movie was across town, I wasn't going to get another chance to see it again, and I figured Hang San-soo would be at A Theater Near Me sometime in the not-too-distant future.

And it *hasn't* been picked up... that's wrong.

Bob Turnbull

I've actually seen 3 of your list...

"You, The Living" was my favourite film from last year (TIFF 2007) and remains one of the best theatre experiences I've had in a long time. I just loved this film.

I saw "Tony Manero" at this year's TIFF and was completely surprised by it. I went in blind knowing only the basic plot outline, so when it became dark and darker and darker still, it really pulled me along with it.

And "Anvil"...I saw it at Hot Docs this past year with the band (the two main guys anyway) in attendance and it was just as you described. Classic moment from the film --> "I can answer that in one, no, two, no, three words...We haven't got good management".

And you've made me desperate to see both "Sparrow" and "The Chaser".

Peter Nellhaus

If I had felt better, I would have seen Guest of Cindy Sherman at the DIFF. I don't know if it will make a difference, but I ran into the new guy in charge of the Denver International Film Festival, and expressed my disappointment in the lack of Asian films. At least Korean and Hong Kong films usually are available with English subtitles on DVD, unlike Thai films (Ploy being a prime somewhat recent example).

Joe Bowman

I thought IFC had The Chaser.


Bob --

So nice to hear that someone else feels the same way about You, The Living.

Joe --

I heard about this last night. However, they are only doing VOD and DVD, not theatrical. I guess that technically counts as distributed, but I'm going to leave it on the list nonetheless.


I guess I don't understand your "rules"...if these are so good, and you saw them in 2008, why not just roll them into your top 10/favorites list? Why separate them out? Quality is quality, right?

Although I feel out of the loop, as Sparrow is the only one I've heard of (but am really looking forward to).


That is a great list. I was shocked (shocked!) not to see Julia on it -- it's high on mine -- but of course, Magnolia picked it up so it's ineligible. Perhaps we need a third kind of list for movies stuck in limbo?


Steve --

I'm part of the IndieWire and Auteurs polls, both of which have guidelines about what's permissible. I guess I could make an overall best-of 2008 list, but it's just easier to manage the two.


What, no Afterschool?

(I kid.)


I have it on good authority that IFC are doing the VOD-only thing with NIGHT AND DAY as well. Sigh. I mean, nothing against IFC, god bless 'em and all, but I think a few of these Festival Direct titles could stand up to at least NY / LA / SF / Chicago runs.

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