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Thanks for the fine review (and a fun podcast). I must admit - I'm no big supporter of Battle in Heaven. Though I've noticed with interest the amount of praise heaped upon Stellet Licht since Cannes, and with you all endorsing it even stronger - this really removes Reygadas out of obscurity for me. I hope this one will find distribution in my corner of the world. (Curious to read your take on 4 months..).


I loved this movie. Reygadas understands cinema better than Dumont I think. The student has surpassed the mentor.


Would it be possible to envisage a film made within a Mennonite (or similar) community where the person in spiritual crisis is a woman, gay, lesbian or bisexual or has an affair with a person of different ethnicity/color/language or indeed to someone outside the community who is either of these? What difference would this make?


Beautiful film that stayed with me for days and days, and maybe forever.

P.S. Are you Anna Karina, a contemporary version of Anna Karenina?


Hi, I have not yet seen this film, but I really want to, I am a Mennonite myself I grew up in Northern Mexico so that why I so much want to see this film, can anyone tell me where I can get this dvd or just how and where it can be seen? Sorry I know this is more of a question then a comment but I couldn't resist..the woman in the picture made me so home sick and it so much looks like me except I never have my hair up like that (my Husband doesn't like it) mine are always down....anyway was just wondering if the dvd is out and where I can get it.

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