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Great catch!


I want to believe.

Lost season 2 did this to me.


Reminds me of that press conference of INLAND EMPIRE where a woman asked the significance of the numbers 4 and 7 repeated in the film ("I'm thinking...four seasons of the year, or seven days of the week") to which David Lynch replied, after a pause, "What you said was beautiful."

Ken Ehrlich

Don't pull anything.


Fascinating! In a way it doesn't matter whether it is intentional or not - perhaps one of the most rewarding parts of loving films is when connections are made.

That might be what prompted the Lynch response - less the idea (though it sounds an interesting interpretation), but that it touched someone enough to get them thinking about the meaning. After all, once a piece of art is out of the hands of its creator and available to the public, we are able to do what we want with it, interpret and project onto it, assign meaning to various symbols and are free to ignore the filmmaker's guidance and focus on minor characters, incidental details etc. There may be an original meaning that the filmmakers intended, but other ideas and trains of thought set off by the work seem to me to be just as valid.


all due respect (sorry, I've been watching reruns of the Sopranos) i think you need to go to sleep earlier.


Awwww mike, I don't know. I think there's kinda sorta a connection.

fb, you do need to go to sleep earlier though!

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