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john c reilly

I had the wonderful opportunity to see Michael Shannon in SHOTGUN STORIES, written and directed by first timer Jeff Nichols. If you haven't seen it...see it. This film will make you think about your life. A solid film with an unbelievable cast...not a weak link in the bunch. Hopefully there will be much more to come from this ensemble.


I did catch Shotgun Stories at Tribeca, after missing it in Berlin. Couldn't agree more with how solid it is. One of the best films I've seen this year.

Noel Vera

You're not a fan of the Clouzot film?

I though this was better than The Exorcist and The French Connection myself. And the play's actually pretty good--think Philip Dick and J.G. Ballard.


Noel --

I love the Clouzot film -- it's perfect. This is why I'm even more impressed with Sorcerer -- it's a remake that stands extremely well on its own.

Dick and Ballard -- yes, that's exactly right.

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