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gregory CG

It was a jump cut, from what I heard, between kitten nosing into the funnel, and then a shot of the funnel-headed cat, a feline breed found only in Sumatra. Evolution provided these wild cats with a funnel head in order to work the proboscis into rotting wood and mulch to find rodents and grubs. They have tremendous lung capacity and literally suck their prey into the small end of the "funnel." Rare footage of this process is ghastly to watch.

OK, I just felt bad, because there were no comments yet.



Well Filmbrain, you talked me into it. I was going to buy the Mamet book anyway, but bought it this week cause, well, I wanted to know how they did it. Kind of a funny answer if you think about it, but is it true?


A phone call to the director's son, George Stevens Jr., reveals the answer which Mamet describes as a head-slapping moment. (Read the book to learn the secret of that darn cat.)

You rule at marketing.

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