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Reading the words Night Flight brought me back to a time when my friends and I would order a Domino's pizza at midnight and become inspired by The Residents, The Mentors and their like on New Wave Theater. What ever happened to the host that was always asking people about the meaning of life?


Night Flight was real popular my Freshman year in college, and I'm pretty sure Domino's pizza was part of the expereince.

I recently saw on EBay that somebody was selling the complete Night Flight collection on DVD -- something like over a 100 DVDs. Tempting, but expensive.


A splendid cruise down memory lane. I haven't thought of this movie (much less seen it) in (can it be?) over 20 years. Also brings to mind other productions that attempted to ride that rickety punk/new wave bandwagon in the late 70s/early 80s like Times Square and the Brit-centric Hazel O'Connor vehicle Breaking Glass. They were laughable back then, and probably still are today, although they appear to have a cult cachet nowadays (check out the wiki entry for Times Square). I remember seeing the Times Square soundtrack album in the cut-out bins for years afterward.

Night Flight! Great stuff. Saw Godard's One Plus One (Sympathy for the Devil) with the Stones back when. Peter Ivers was the pontificating host for New Wave Theater Paul refers to. Tragically, Ivers was found bludgeoned to death in his L.A. apartment. Read his wiki entry here.


GOD! I love this movie!!!!

Debbie R

Filmbrain I LOVE YOU for writing about this movie. as a teenager in Wisconsin I dreamt about being a rock star just like Corinne.

Can't believe that Night Flight used to show this uncut - teenage tits, fucks, cunts and all.

Paul Doherty

Sean: Thank you for the details about Peter Ivers.


yep - its a youtube world.
The Fabulous Stains


me, i'm an underground usa type of girl.

Hell's Donut House

The late filmmaker Sarah Jacobson (Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore, I Was a Teenage Serial Killer) was obsessed with this film, going as far as to make a doc about it (in collaboration with Sam Green [The Weather Underground]) called The Making of 'Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains'. It aired on John Pierson's "Split Screen" program on the IFC channel in 2000, and is now available as an extra on Sam Green's Rainbow Man: John 3:16 DVD. And surprise surprise, there's also a MySpace Fabulous Stains tribute page.

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