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I remember being somewhat unimpressed by the original version, thinking that Shangri-La seemed awfully dull, and wondering about all the workers who seemed so willing to tend to permanent guests with no inclination to do any work for themselves. Still, Capra leans towards the fantastic so I just lumped it in with the rest of his oeuvre and went on my way. I can't imagine why the film needed a remake, though, in spite of my low regard for it.


Like the 73 remake, Capra's 1937 original was also a box office disaster. It wasn't until decades later that people begain to recognize its greatness.


sam jaffe kicked ass in the original, and we kids loved that part when the young shangra-la-ian girl aged into an old crone when they took her into the outside world.

the fact that they remade it when they did was unsurprising. it typified the idealistic impulse of the period -- although no one realized i think that that era had already ended. it's why they re-made good-bye mr. chips as well.

(those two remakes are always linked in my mind -- because hollywood took 2 excellent movies from the 30s both based on james hilton novels -- kind of humanist fairy tales [influenced no doubt by the depression] -- and utterly shlockified them. it's interesting that all four films are reflective of historically situated cultural aspirations (if that's not redundant, as i guess all cultural aspirations are historically situated). if i recall correctly, they re-made good-bye mr. chips as a musical as well.


Filmbrain, I'm feeling responsible for your pain! And yet, looking at these screen grabs and reading your insightful post, I sort of want to see it. If for no other reason than Hot Lips and Joe Patoski in a romantic clinch. Or Howard Beale singing? Ay yi yi. You earned your cinematic battle pay this week!

Peter Nellhaus

I vaguely remembered Kael's review of the Lost Horizon remake. I never saw the film when it came out as a remake of a Frank Capra film seemed heretical to me, and still does. Besides, the original version has Jane Wyman nude, putting a whole new gloss should I ever see "Father Knows Best" re-runs. Did you get around to seeing Walking Tall?


The original is possibly my favorite Capra movie. I saw part of this ages ago on AMC, chopped up with commercials as you saw it. It seemed pretty dire to me, though I'm a big Bacharach fan. I think your post is more enjoyable than the film. Too bad you didn't keep that leisure suit!


I remember the dance sequence in the library as being horribly choreographed and forced, which is a shame since the Bacharach tune is pretty good. In fact most of these tunes are some of Bacharach's better, if rarely heard, songs.


It is odd -- Hermes Pan has quite an impressive resume as a choreographer. Perhaps by 1973 he was too old to come up with anything original, or too uninspired to care.


Olivia Hussey.


RA Rubin

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I loooooved that movie in the 70's and thought more should have been made just like it. I would love to get a copy of it if anyone knows where to.


I loooooved that movie in the 70's and thought more should have been made just like it. I would love to get a copy of it if anyone knows where to.

michael coates

will you send me the internet auction site is to purchase this movie for about $10 is please

David Ehrenstein

Ross Hunter paid Larry so much money for the screenplay that Larry was able to buy his One Fifth Ave. coop and found ACT-UP.

Alonso Duralde

At long last: LOST HORIZON is available on DVD (with the fertility dance restored, no less!) http://amzn.to/uHrxU3

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