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Sounds like wacky fun, how do you ever hear about these films, let alone track them down? Also, as much as I like your writing, if you ever include lines like "it is two solid hours of jaw-dropping fun" in a review again...


Fair enough, but as I said, it's a tough film to write about.

I was going to say "two solid hours of jaw-dropping goodness", but decided against it.

As to where I hear about films like this -- I regularly read (or I should say, struggle through) a few online Japanese film sites.


I'd read about this film, but from the basic outline it seemed as if it could have been either really great or completely awful. I'm glad to see a positive recommendation for it. So far I've only been able to track down a Japanese R2 DVD with English subs -- is this what you watched?

Adam Campbell

My review of this picture will hopefully go up on Midnight Eye eventually, but I was nowhere near so keen on it. I felt it to be an abortive first effort with a horrible second hour. I personally was not howling to the third act, and felt it was very much a game of two halves, the funny and the excessively melodramatic slapping around Arata's heels in the last sixty minutes like a wet trout!


Like Survive Style 5+ I admired the way this film also managed to get a bit touching towards the end, while still remaining in the same vein, more or less.

Aaron Hillis

Oh, boy. Finally watched this one last night with a pile of friends. Everyone else (re: non-cinephiles who didn't understand the samurai-flick subversions) tired out at the 75-minute mark, but I was loving every "whyever?" moment. It's like a Seijun Suzuki pomo-comic adaptation of a classic Edo-dynasty epic into Rosenkrantz and Schizopolis are Dead. You're so right about the endless creativity, it has more inventive pay-offs in its first half than Kung Fu Hustle had in its entire running time. This one's sitting pretty in my Best of Undistributed Films list for the year, thanks for the recommendation!

Also, that testicle-pulling scene melted my mind a little.

Michael Blowhard

I liked "two solid hours of jaw-dropping fun. That's how writers about movies oughta write.


back in the states with a heavy heart,
but i managed to but this one on dvd before i left!
maybe watching it tonight will cheer me up!
i think my emails stopped working again btw.

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