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Filmbrain--Thanks for pointing us toward some less well-known films of the year; I've only seen three on your list, and they all sound interesting to me.


"In a world ravaged by war. In a land brought to its knees. Two men -- one, a five star general, the other, a descendent of the Sun Goddess -- will meet and forever change the course of history."

Damn that's funny.


Yeah, I'm with Girish -- this is the kind of top ten list I love to read, in part because it makes me aware of films few, if any, other lists cover. Many thanks.


"the film is two hours of pure joy" -- Wha?!? Does Manhola also equate "pure joy" with being kicked in the sternum? Oh dear, our little Filmbrain? Did some films manage to crash through that hardened wall of heart inside?

Meanwhile, as you know, I've also seen The Sun and I can't tell you how much I want to see a trailer with your above script. So good. Although with the exception of maybe one brief shot of Macarthur, I would want the entire trailer to be clips edited together of Issei Ogata doing that weird chewing thing with his mouth. Just a close up cut to another close up. It was the most fascinating and hypnotic while also distracting physical character quirk I saw all year.


If the films on this list that I haven't seen are as good as the ones I have seen (THE SUN, TALE OF CINEMA) than I need to track them all down asap. Though of course it is the Tsai and the Suzuki that I'm most excited for (don't miss MoMA screening Suzuki's FIGHTING ELEGY in early January!), I'm particularly intrigued by PEACOCK and of course SURVIVE STYLE 5+.

I also second Aaron's assertion that Ogata's mumbling/lip-chewing mannerism was fascinating.


Very interesting list that gives much to hope for 2006 releases. I've only seen 4. I'm looking forward to Peacock especially.
I couldn't quite warp my head around Tale of Cinema yet, I need a rewatch, so I'll be happy to read your review.

Rich Drees

Wow, I think you're the first person outside of a ROCKY HORROR fansite to ever mention Sharman's SHOCK TREATMENT and in a positive light no less! (For the record, I love the film, think many of the songs are the equal to and even better than those in RHPS and the script may be even little smarter too...)

Caught SURVIVOR STYLE 5+ at the Philly Film Fest and was blown away. Can't wait to import the disc to show to friends.


Always happy to meet a fellow Shock Treatment fan. I have such a soft spot for the film, and you are right -- some of the songs are even better. (Little Black Dress blows away The Time Warp, IMO.)

If you enjoyed Survive Style 5+ be sure not to miss Yaji and Kita. You won't be disappointed.


Your comment made me order Yaji & Kita. I'd noticed it on the cdjapan website, but was still of two minds about it. Well, now that I have seen it, I must stand up and shout : this is a great film. Far better than Survive Style, which suffers from an odd sort of apathy and is really too repetitive. Yaji & Kita is visually outstanding and has a wonderful knack of using landscapes (oh, the sufferings of Mt Fuji ! ) and the weird beauty of its characters. Now I'd like to see that on a big smart screen. What are the French distributors doing ? No Survive Style, no Sun so far, no Princess Raccoon (and the DVD's unsubtitled)... All right, but we've got The Wayward Cloud (aka La Saveur de la Pastèque).


Thanks again for your appreciative mention of my TALE OF CINEMA piece, FB. I'll be watching out for your take on this incredibly rich film. Also, you've encouraged me to take a second look at GREEN CHAIR. It sounds like I gave up on it just as it was becoming interesting.


Apure - glad you enjoyed it so much. It really is something special. I walked in with low expectations, which makes its inclusion on my top ten that much more special.

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