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Adam Campbell

A lovely line up and God, what I wouldn't give to be at the Shochiku retrospective! Plenty of Ozu, Kobayashi, Mizoguchi, Yoji Yamada and the Tora-san series, and even Kurosawa, Oshima and Suzuki. Though I hope that (Gohatto & Pistol Opera aside) as a historical retrospective they don't feel a need to pull an equal number of films from more recent years (Moon Child?! Oh dear..) Anyway, this should be heaven for the film fan!

My understanding is that something similiarly (if not equally) Shochiku based will be running at the National Film Center at the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo this winter as well, just in case anyone here is closer to one than the other


Looks like they've slated Haneke's Cache as the closing night film. Much, much more exciting than Baumbach's effort, if you ask me.


Hmmm, three Korean films....
At last they accept Park Chan-Wook's and new comer
Im Sang-Soo. three consecutive invitation of Hong.
Maybe this moment is the apex of Korean films in

Sal C.

Dear Filmbrain,
Alright, I am going to use your casual mention of the appearance of Philippe Garrel’s latest at this year’s festival to the lament the lack of coverage on your site for the Garrel retrospective that is underway at BAM cinemas in Brooklyn. I don’t figure it to be a matter of personal taste as anyone who loves Cassavetes as much as you must be able to find some pleasure in Garrel’s films. Perhaps I should chalk it up to some scheduling issue, or perhaps the lack of Asian bodies on screen (just kidding…).
The four films I have seen so far have been nothing short of an epiphany for me. As a child you feel these things all the time as the world unfolds anew. I think about the first time I saw “The Wizard of Oz” or “Lady and the Tramp” or “Psycho” (I’m sure everyone who reads this site can fill in their own films). But as we get older and our range of experiences widens these revelations come less and less frequently. In the last twenty years of my adult life (I’m 37) I can think of a double feature of “The Long Goodbye” and “California Spilt”, and then there was that Abel Ferrara retro at AMMI, and then….there’s this. “Liberty, Night” and “I Can No Longer Hear the Guitar” have opened up a new world of filmic possibility to me. A world stripped of all non-essentials until all that is left is love and art.
I have bogart-ed enough space on your weblog for one day. If I want to pontificate more on the subject, I should start my own damn blog, right?! For more thoughtful, detailed insights into Garrel’s films (including a remarkable 1997 article by Kent Jones) you can find links here:
The retro continues on Mondays and Tuesdays for the next two weeks. Feel free to say hello. I’ll be the guy in the middle, second to last row, in the suit and tie.


Sal -- Thanks for the post and the links. I assure you it's only because of scheduling conflicts that I haven't made any of the screenings. Perhaps I'll make it this Monday.

Aaron Hillis

Sorry for the super-pings! I'm new at this blogging stuff.


The line-up looks amazing, I hope I get press access this year or this will be a very expensive Fall movie season. I can't seem to find the link for what Shochiku films they are playing. Can anyone help?


FYI - Filmlinc has updated their NYFF site. The links to the Shochiku and Views from the Avant-Garde are now posted. (Whoo hoo! New Straub/Huillet!) :)

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