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Jim Biancolo

I've been enjoying your weblog since it launched, but mostly in a kinda theoretical way ("boy that sounds great, maybe it'll come to R1 DVD some day!"). But the timing of our viewings matched up for once, as I just caught Ripley's Game (2002) last night, so thought I'd take the opportunity to commend you on your site. Great stuff, thanks for writing it!

As for the film, I thought it was very good, certainly one of the best direct-to-video movies I've seen (damnably faint praise - that's not my intent). Thanks for the comparison to the Wenders version and the source text. Even though I haven't seen/read those, the comparisons are illuminating.

Webster Fortyone

It is disappointing that Ripley's Game didn't get a proper distribution and release. It was completely by chance that the movie was playing in the background till I realised that it was a Tom Ripley film; and after watching what was left of it I got myself the book to read. Very enjoyable story. And this is a well written & analytical review.

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